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There’s one problem with knowledge.   You can really mess up your running.

Prior to the Rock n Roll Half Marathon, I decided it was TIME.  Time to wear those minimalist running shoes once and for all.  I’m ready to make the switch.  My knees were hurting, with my “regular” running shoes, and when I wore those minimal shoes – the knees felt great.   There is obviously something to be gained.

Unfortunately, my calves were at odds with my knees – and while I had happy knees with my new minimal shoes – the noise from my calves got the best of me.  I was sidelined.

A sidelined runner is not a happy sight.   I did all of the wrong things – and yes, I knew better.   I tried to run before my calves were ready, and before I knew it, I was sidelined for a long stretch.

Yet, we had vacation plans for New Orleans.   And part of those vacation plans included a half marathon.  There was no way I would miss this event.  Even if I had to drag my grumpy calf along with me.

With low expectations of any fast pace, I joined my running comrades for a beautiful morning in the French Quarter with temperatures in the 50s and sunny skies.  We weaved our way toward the Audubon Zoo, and then circled back to the French Quarter, with a finish at City Park.

I concentrated on keeping the pace steady, nothing fast, refused to look at my Garmin while running and as long as my calf doesn’t complain, everything is good.   Hubby Paddy was following my progress (via text messages) on bicycle, although somehow we missed seeing each other during the run.

At the finish, while my knees were sore, my calves were happy and I was back to wearing traditional running shoes with the high padded heels.   Though I’ll work my way toward minimal shoes….just slowly!