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125688-310-015fIt took 5 months of contemplation.   And it was not always foremost on my mind.   But when it was, it was on the top of my list of thoughts.   I realized that my thinking was indecisive at best.  Thinking, researching, looking at the pros and cons.   And then putting it out of my mind for another day.  Some days, I focused on “Is my body up for the challenge?”, and other days I considered other marathon options throughout the country.    For awhile, I considered running Philadelphia, and then my thoughts turned to my last 2 memories of running the NYC marathon in 1985 and 1999.  I thought about the crowds on First Avenue after crossing the 59th Street Bridge.   I thought about waiting for hours at Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island for the event to begin.  I thought about how ‘fascinating’ that the start was at Fort Wadsworth, and my name being “Wadsworth”.   As if the universe was calling to me.  Sometimes it felt as if a statue called the NYC Marathon was sitting on a table in my kitchen, and I looked at this statue every day, from a different angle.  The only problem, was that I wasn’t getting any further in making a decision.  Some days the idea seemed right, and other days not so much.  And I certainly wasn’t ready to start the regimen of marathon training.   Perhaps I would be stuck in this contemplative state for awhile?

And then, my running partner & confidante made an astute observation.

“It’s been festering in you for a while hasn’t it?   Like an itch you can’t stop itching.  What do you need to move forward?”

She was right, it was an itch.  An itch I couldn’t ignore.  I knew there was no other marathon that I wanted to finish.  The only marathon I wanted to run – is NY.   It wasn’t until I heard her words, that I realized how much I did not want to disrupt the special relationship I have with family and friends.   This, apparently was holding me back.  As we explored what my training program would look like for the next 6 months — I discovered that my friends and family were STILL very much a part of my everyday adventures.  Nothing, (other than some extra miles of running training) would change any of that.


With a new brightness in my “move it forward” green light,  I inched my way closer to making a decision.  I reached out to my favorite fundraising organization – Ulman Cancer Fund – Team Fight – and continued to collect more information on the fundraising aspect.   The fundraising could be daunting – especially considering I was working full time and going to school part time.   Now I’m considering adding a marathon and fundraising efforts on top of that!   I would not know for certain how it would all fit together, but somehow – like everything else — it will eventually fall in to place.   With the support of friends and family, and not knowing every detail in advance, I signed up to run the NYC Marathon – which is held on November 2, 2014.   With the Ulman Cancer Fund as my partner – I committed to helping cancer survivors reclaim their bodies in the Cancer 2 5K program – through sports.   This adventure will be an honor.  Let the ‘games’  begin!

Very grateful for any donations!