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It’s 7AM…and already too many running options….

Plan A:   Run 6 miles in my ‘hood, then meet up with sis-n-law Fluffy for 4 more miles of running.  It’s raining.  Apparently I may dissolve in water.  Scratch this plan

Plan B:  Still raining.  Run indoors on a treadmill.  Booooooring.   There must be some other way.

Plan C:  Wait another hour.  Rain stops.  Humidity 92%.   I could run a few miles…maybe 6 in this heat and humidity.  Consumed all of my water by mile 5, and within 1/2 mile of the local Safeway.  Make a hydration stop, enjoy a few moments of A/C…and fill up all my water bottles.  Add 4 more miles.   9 total for today.  8% away from aqua jogging!!