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BrainAt some point, you lose track of the miles.   Each week – becomes a first in the firsts of many.   The first to hit a new mileage distance.  The first week of many to reach a new mileage weekly volume.   The first week your brain is no longer telling you how hard all of this running is.   The first week in which maybe, just maybe – a marathon is doable.   And, it helps that for the first time – the temperatures are unseasonably wonderful in the mid-Atlantic region– cool and low humidity!

Training for a marathon is more than training the body to endure long periods of running stress and fatigue.   It is a psychological shift, from the “OMG – that distance seems so far!” to reaching a state that describes the exact same distance – as an “easy run”.   Yes, it is my recovery week, and I may not feel the same way next week when I amp up to 18 miles for my long run, – but today 13.5 miles, has become my new “easy”.

Special thanks to hubby Paddy for joining me on bicycle for the 2nd half – with water, food…and company!