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With 3 weeks to go before the 2014 NYC Marathon, today’s long run was scheduled to be 18 miles.  It was also scheduled to be the final “simulation run” where every nuance from nutrition to sleep to clothing to hydration to temperature and – oh yeah the run – was to build confidence and learn from any challenges.   I will also be visualizing and coordinating my mile markers — with the NYC marathon course.   Now, that’s what I call a simulation run!

The long run nitty-gritty:

  • Breakfast at oh-dark hundred:  half a wheat bagel with peanut butter, poor man’s latte (low fat milk + a dribble of coffee), and a half of a banana
  • 0630:   Drive to the BWI trail, and arrive a LOT earlier than expected (no traffic on a Sunday AM)
  • 0710:   Start my run for an anticipated solo 8 miles with temperatures in the low 50’s
  • visualizing the NYC marathon course
  • start by running uphill — this would be the first mile leaving Ft. Wadsworth/Staten Island ascending the Verrazano–Narrows Bridge
  • eat GOO at mile 6 with water (not hungry…force it down)
  • Meet up with Team Sherpa (TS) Jill (who no longer has to ride her bike with a cast) at mile 6
  • strive for running efficiency (at least in my mind) for 2 more miles back to Base Camp (parking lot at BWI Observation Park)
  • I would be at mile 8 — where the route changes direction heading toward Clinton Hill – still in Brooklyn, NY
  • United with TS Chuck (on foot, accompanied by TS Puppy Riley) – who will be carrying my extra beverages and goo
  • Continue an additional 4 miles on B&A trail
  • now up to 12 miles eat GOO#2
  • reunited with TS Chuck & Riley at mile 13- refill Gatorade bottles
  • 5 more miles to go
  • Visualize I am somewhere in Greenpoint – Brooklyn at mile 13
  • Add some junk miles with TS Jill at my side
  • TS Chuck & Riley complete their 3 mile walk….and turn to head back to Base Camp
  • At mile 15.5 (visualizing I am crossing the Queensboro Bridge – soon to be in Manhattan) – we turn to complete the remaining miles also heading back toward Base Camp
  • Reached mile 18 well before Base Camp.   Ooops — my mental calculator was a tad off
  • Reunited with all Team Sherpa’s — at mile 19.
  • In 3 weeks, mile 19 will be within 1/2 mile of exiting Manhattan (northbound) and entering into the Bronx.
  • A small amount of tightness in my legs at the finish (tho not bad)
  • what I learned today:  drink more during the run!!   Maybe eat a whole banana for breakfast too?
  • Let the second feeding begin:   Inhale post run breakfast #2 during drive home!

High fives and tens to today’s Team Sherpas – Jill, Chuck and Riley — your support is soooooooo appreciated!!!   Thank you.  You ROCK.