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15365193309_9d1bc74e51_zA decrease in running volume the final weeks before a marathon – is called “the taper”.   The purpose of the taper, is to allow the body a chance to repair and recover – before the BIG day (Nov 2 – NYC Marathon).  With 5 months of steadily increasing toll and stress on the body – just 2 days into “the taper” feels like a running vacation.   Suddenly, I have time on my hands.  Suddenly, I am sleeping more, and my daily runs begin well after 8AM (the o-dark-hundred days are over!).   I have more time for my cat, drinking coffee in the AM, productivity has soared (in my mind), I’ve caught up on replying to emails, and my inbox miraculously has less than 50 emails, I’ve updated all my accounting entries into QuickBooks, and I have started cleaning the house.  All because I have a few more minutes in my day – not running.

It began 2 days ago.  I downsized a 10 mile run …to a 9 mile run.    By day 2, an 8 mile run, became a 6 mile run.   And yes, I do recognize the absurdity in my blog voice.

Who knew that adjusting to a SLIGHTLY reduced volume of exercise – would have me wonder if I have already lost some cardio.  Maybe my aerobic capacity is declining?  What if I lose my running efficiency?  What if I forget how to run?   What else can I do?

It’s been all of 2 days now….and 3 less miles.  I’ve accepted who I’ve become.  A running junkie.