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It all happened by accident.

With the shortened daylight hours of winter – I happily sleep in (6am), and procrastinate my exercise routine until half-way into my work day.  Yes, these are the benefits of working from home.   I save time (and $) by not commuting, put in extra hours for my clients – and then take a break for myself mid-day to exercise.   Sweet!

I knew that the temperatures were moderately cool (low 40’s), and I casually glanced at the online weather forecast.  100% rain by 1PM.  That sounded pretty certain – for a weather forecast.   By 11AM, I’m ready to go for a run, and hubby Pat is geared up for his daily walk.  We step out onto my favorite gym (the outdoor gym) – and off we go in our separate paces.

One mile into my run, it started to drizzle.  Just a little.  Surely this won’t last – because that online weather forecast is never wrong.  It’s only 1 mile worth of minutes after 11AM — it’s not even close to 1PM.   I decide to keep running in hopes that it was just a passing cloud.

Nope.  The rains pick up in intensity.   The big droplet types are falling and I have 2 dueling voices to reconcile.   One voice is ready to turn it in and return home “you are going to freeze out here” , and the other voice says “but you haven’t gotten in your mileage yet for today”.   Who should I listen to?

I opted for the “you haven’t gotten in your mileage” voice – and what a great decision that turned out to be.  OK, it was raining, and raining pretty hard.  Yet I was warm.  It was kind of empowering.  I kept running, and one by one knocked off another mile.  No one would choose to run in these conditions – and I even got a thumbs up from a passing driver (likely another runner!).   As I made my turn to my final 1/2 mile – the rain was finally penetrating all layers of clothing.  Chill would soon set in.  But that was OK – because I knew I would soon be finished.

During my last 1/2 mile, my phone rings and I could tell from the ring tone it was my hubby.  Surely he is wondering where I could be in these conditions.   I don’t take the time to stop and pull out the phone from my fuel belt – as my focus is now to finish.   My Garmin beeps – all 6 miles are done.  A car horn beeps at the same time — and it is my hubby – out to retrieve my soggy soul from the downpour.   How lovely is that??

So what did I learn from this little rain-run-adventure?   It was more do-able than my mind would have had me believe AND it was more satisfying — because my mind can (on occasion!) be such a ‘disbeliever’.

I wonder how many other situations and ideas I expertly talk myself out of?   To test this, I have decided to conduct an experiment.  An experiment that will last from now til the end of the year (and maybe longer).   If you prefer — you can call it a challenge.  A 16 day “Thought rut challenge” – that answers the question:  What can I learn from doing something different today?    I will model my challenge around my running and workouts.   So, beginning with today – I ran in the rain (and cold) and loved every minute.  I didn’t freeze, and found it to be exhilarating.

What about you?   Join me on this daily “Thought rut challenge” though December 31, 2014,  and drop a comment as to what you discovered.