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janejumpropeToday, I decided to start my daily thought rut challenge with an “I wonder…”.    What do I typically talk myself out of — that just maybe I could do?   I wonder if I could jump rope for an hour alongside my hubby while he gets in his hour long neighborhood walk.  Let’s find out.

All sorts of voices in my head are telling me this could be a very bad idea.  They sound like:

  • “you never jump rope – it’s too hard”
  • “you’ll get injured”
  • “remember the last time you jump roped – it wasn’t pretty”
  • “it’s too windy”
  • “it’s too hilly”
  • “you’re not 20 years old”

So I ignored all of these voices, grabbed my trusty Buddy Lee jump rope (watch Buddy make that rope sing!) – and off we go!   Sure enough, the first 3 minutes I was really out of breath.  My jump rope technique had me hitting the pavement hard, and I’m not sure I can last the first 100 yards.

But then, I outlasted those first 3 minutes.  I made it to  the top of the first hill.  Soon I discover how to jump rope without sounding like a herd of cattle.  I even figured out how to keep the rope going when the wind has other plans.  Soon I became lighter on my feet.  I’m pretty sure my technique resembled nothing like Buddy Lee, but it didn’t matter.  An hour later – I had finished jump roping.   1 full hour.  Who knew?