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When I first started my Thought-Rut slash Holiday challenge as a way to close out 2014 – I wasn’t sure I would have enough thought ruts to last 16 days.   For the record,  I had at least a dozen ideas to test drive – just for today!   Amazing how thought ruts come out of the woodwork once you set them free!  But alas, one challenge to my thinking per day.   So today I opted to challenge my thoughts that it couldn’t be done.  There was no way I could hula hoop AND bounce a tennis ball on a tennis racket for 1 full minute.   No way.

It turned out to be quite difficult.  The body is moving in a circular movement, while arms go up and down, and your eyeballs are completely confused.  And, it was a bit of a core workout too.   First – the challenge was getting everything moving.  With 3 items in hand – hula, tennis ball and tennis racket, my first 5-6 attempts were short lived.  Hula went straight to the floor the moment I tried to bounce the tennis ball.

Then, I discovered – if I got the hula going first, then added the tennis component – there was hope.  30-something attempts later – I was able to reach 1 minute and 58 seconds.   Below is a 10 second clip – in case you want to try this at home 😉   So, bottom line it can be done.   And you’ll feel it right fast in your core too!    What’s in your thought rut challenge today?