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Today’s adventure was breaking through a running route rut.  A rut of running the same 1-of-5 courses, the same route, the same general area, or the same roads or anything that has the bottom-line sensation of ‘same-o’.

2014_12annapolis01It’s the weekend – so my running adventure is joined by my partner in crime – Jill.   Apparently Jill forgot it is “winter” and we had to rendezvous for the Annapolis run (a  different city from our regular runs) by 6:30AM – meaning the alarm goes off at 4AM – and breakfast is inhaled by 5:30AM.  Sigh.  Sleeping fully will occur another day.

As we crossed the Severn bridge, temperatures a balmy 27 degrees, and daylight just beginning to break, we were greeted by quite a sight.  A middle-aged male runner, practically nude (except for one strategic swath of clothing) running toward us.  Apparently we’ve been missing out by running the “same-o” routes!   Welcome to Annapolis!

With no plan or route in mind – we headed toward Spa Creek into Eastport.  It wasn’t really a plan – we just started running in that direction.   And for the next 8 miles – we ran on pure curiosity.  No idea where the streets would lead or turn.  All the while, mesmerized by the views of the Severn River and the Chesapeake Bay.    At one point our road led to a dead end.  A dead end with the Annapolis Maritime Museum begging us to explore.  And we did.

2014_12annapolis02We discovered that there is a challenger to the Boston Tea Party.   Apparently, Annapolis had it’s own Tea Party in 1774 – filled with tea, corn, fire and lots of drama!   Take that Boston!

mosiacWe also learned that second graders in Annapolis are extremely artistic – creating these amazing mosaics.   A nearly naked runner, the 1774 Annapolis Tea Party and youthful artisans – all discovered while on a new running route!   Sweet.