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balanceIt’s day #8 of challenging my thought ruts – and I wasn’t quite sure what would appear.  With a day of slow steady rains – the notion of visiting the indoor public pool suddenly sounded appealing.  Somewhere in the midst of 5 months of marathon training – I lost all sense of exercise balance.  The kind of balance that changes up your routine.  The kind of balance that has you wearing out one part of your body – while the rest goes on vacation.  The kind of balance where you wonder if you have forgotten how to return – to homeostasis.  The kind of balance where the preferred exercise of choice is running above all else.

Today I opted to rediscover balance.  Just a little.  To see how it felt.  To try it on, wear it around and see if I liked the fit.  To see if balance is all that necessary.  And, to see if I even remembered how to swim.

Part of the balance process is to first remember how long it’s been – since balance was my  friend.  My last recollection of swimming was over 6 months ago.  I remember swimming for an hour, lap after lap, never feeling fatigued.  I remember feeling buoyant by the water, and how good I felt afterwards.   Surely, I would pick up right where I had left off.

Um, no.   Thirty minutes of freestyle swimming had me gasping.  I wanted to think that I was swimming faster than I should have, but the reality is – I’m not in swim shape!   Running shape yes.  Swim shape no.  But swimming felt amazing.  It was an invigorating 30 minutes of endorphins, which I followed with 30 more minutes of aqua running.  Aqua running – another ‘balance’ activity I had left on the sidelines.   As I ran in the water as fast as my legs would move, I realized what a phenomenal workout I was getting – all without the joint pounding.   This balance thing is pretty sweet.

The rest of the day my metabolism was humming – thanks to my renewed sense of balance through swimming and aqua running.   And, it will no longer stay on my exercise sidelines.  Post marathon, I am slowly returning to my good friend – balance.  What’s in your challenge today?