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Day 10 of my thought rut challenge fell on Christmas Day.  Initially I had planned to run a half marathon – a virtual run for charity.  This would be a new adventure – running 13.1 miles on Christmas Day.  Never have I done that.  However, the gift and food coma thing took over earlier that I anticipated – so I allowed myself to take off an entire day from exercise.  Mostly.  Squeaked in a little 2 mile walk.  And followed that by way too much food consumption.  It is what it is.

Day 11 of my thought challenge had me curious about a recent injury to my left hamstring.  It occurred at the end of a tempo run.  I was lucky.  It wasn’t a debilitating injury – but more of a wake up call.  A wake up that I needed to be spending more time strengthening and stretching before and after I run.  A wake up call that I took seriously.   I do not want to be sidelined from running.  Period.

So, after a few weeks of backing down on my running speed, running volume and adding more strength exercises – my hammies are feeling much better.  I’m back to running at speed.  But is my left leg truly recovered?  So, today I decided to conduct a strength test.  One to compare the glute and hamstring strength difference between my healthy leg (right) and recovering leg (left).   Single leg squats.  Let’s see which side can last longer.

It should come as no surprise that single leg squats are far more challenging (strength wise and technique) over two legged squats.  But the results showed that I have more strength training to do on my recovering leg.  Like A lot!

The results?   82 single leg squats in a row – left leg.   146 single leg squats in a row – right leg.  OK.  More work to do!