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16117978692_eb97116ab9_z(1)My day had the makings of ‘busy’.  The novelty of laying low for the holidays was quickly wearing off – and an impromptu family gathering at my home later in the afternoon had me scrambling.  The house would need some tidying, quick stops to the grocery store, cooking and entertaining.   And all of that simply means — the workout must begin somewhere around OH dark hundred.

The necessities of a busy day translated into the need for a good kick-start, efficient, cardio blaster workout.  I was ready to proceed with “same-o”.  That same-o route, that I knew would get the job done.  At 0700 – my creative mind has not kicked in.  Thought ruts are deeply entrenched.   Thankfully – my Workout-Partner-In-Crime (WPIC) Jill had this angle covered for me — and suggested that we mix some new route with the old route.  And maybe a twist on the format could evolve?

We met at the BWI loop – near the summit.   On the time-tested BWI loop trail.  But today would be different.  We would begin the first .2 miles on the trial — then veer off.  Into uncharted territories.  New roads, new adventures, new terrain.   This required us to start our run — uphill.  Another thought-rut-no-no in my world – but what the hey?   It’s 0700 and still dark.  The sun hasn’t even broken through.  If you can’t really see the hill — then is it still uphill?   Well of course it is — but mind trickery helps!

15496387774_552b9488dd_kDespite the uphill start and lots of heavy breathing — we suddenly became mesmerized with our new surroundings.   New neighborhoods with some very cool architecture.  Empty roadways with signs insisting they were ‘dead ends’ – but the road continued anyway.  And then we found a new tundra section — perfect for running.   Running on the tundra at the highest elevation – had some amazing rewards.   We arrived just in time to see the sun rise – and of course captured the moment with a quick photo op.

Who knew?   All these years running the same trail — with just a few feet away such unexplored and interesting discoveries.   Sweet!