About Jane

dontworrybhappyI am an avid writer, techie, adventurer, athlete, and coach. My philosophy that drives my work, life and passions: Dream it. Believe it. Live it.

I love adventures – including dropping off the land grid, and living on a sailboat traveling the US eastern seaboard, traveling, embracing culture and discovering new places to run, and dreamscaping my next adventure that involves biking, running and or walking from coast to coast.  I coach cancer survivors to “take back their bodies” – encouraging them to run their first 5K race. I coach individuals with severe phobias with water – to discover the joys of becoming a swimmer.

As a Personal Trainer, I coach athletes ranging from trained and conditioned, to beginners whose fitness has been elusive. As a Running/Triathlete Coach, I coach novice to master athletes to reset the bar of what is possible. As a Health and Wellness Coach, I coach clients to discover their seeds for “yes I can”.  Become empowered by your ‘little engine that could’ voice.

Coach Jane CV
As an athlete…


Certifications / Licenses

Tools – from my coaching toolbox:

Bridging Sports with Technology

  • With an extensive dual-background in Software, Web design and Information Technology – I develop tools that help my clients stay connected and mobile
  • View my Technology Skills background

Sites & Social Media

Action Photos!

Inline Skate Racing

Inline Skate Racing

Iron Girl Triathlon Finisher

IronGirl Triathlon Finisher

Triathlon training while moored on a catamaran sailboat

Triathlon bicycle finish

Triathlon bicycle finish

Fun and variety!

Fun and variety!



Cat II National Tennis Championships - Ft. Lauderdale FL

Cat II National Tennis Championships – Ft. Lauderdale FL


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